The abandoned Tekin site comprised approximately 40 ha of freehold and leasehold blocks north of Stoney Creek (including a 26 ha Special Lease and a partial boat harbour excavation), One Mile Creek (which runs into Stoney Creek), and 85 ha of mostly cleared land south of Stoney Creek.

The separately approved stages of the Cardwell Properties (CP) development are listed below, using the term 'phase' to avoid confusion with the developer's present use of 'stage'.

PHASE 1: In late 1994 CP started site works for a residential canal estate and marina complex. Under Queensland Marine Parks permit CP substantially destroyed the northernmost kilometre of coastal fringing mangroves adjacent to the site and built huge above-ground spoil reservoirs ('ponds') on Lot 17. These works were 'controlled' by a tripartite Deed of Agreement (Deed) between the developer (CP), the Council and the Queensland Government; in 1996 the Commonwealth Government too became a party to the Deed.

PHASE 2: CP began a new residential/industrial canal subdivision along the former meandering and vegetated Stoney Creek, now a wide rock-lined drain known as the 'Grande Canal'. The Queensland Government took the view that the Deed could be stretched to 'control' the new development because (they said) the issues were the same - despite a significant increase in area and population and addition of industrial uses - so (they said) there was no need for an Environmental Impact Assessment.

PHASE 3: CP excavated a 'ships' maintenance basin' under EPA permit and without public notification, just south of Phase 2, joining the Phase 2 EIS-exempt canal estate on the 'Grande Canal' to the northern end of Lot 17. Lot 17 is the northern end of the site proposed for the new lake/canal estate known as Stage II.

Community support

From Phoenix May 2005, the official newsletter of the Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook. Edited by Margaret Moorhouse and Margaret Thorsborne; compiled by Steven Nowakowski. Spokeperson for ASH: M. Moorhouse, PO Box 2457 Townsville Qld 4810; Phone 0427 724 052 May 2005

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