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Possible sale of Cape Richards resort - 6 October 2006

Dear Supporters of Hinchinbrook 
According to reliable sources, Keith Williams, Port Hinchinbrook developer, has purchased the Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge and Resort at Cape Richards. Cape Richards is a small tourist development situated on the only leasehold land on the Island, at the northern end of Hinchinbrook Island. The sale includes the Hinchinbrook Explorer, a high speed catamaran.
The development and certain aspects of the Cape Richard lease are dictated by lease conditions which require QPWS approval for any construction.
The Hinchinbrook Island Management Plan states " Any redevelopment or extensions to the existing resort at Cape Richards will be designed in such a way that the national park’s landscape values are not compromised."
 "QPWS has encouraged the resort in its present philosophy of a  small, nature-orientated resort, and has opposed major expansion. The lease area is not big enough to sustain a large resort and the impact from large numbers would be unacceptable in nearby parts of the national park." To view or download the Management Plan:       http://www.epa.qld.gov.au/publications/p00201aa.pdf/Hinchinbrook_Island_National_Park_management_plan.pdf
It is to be hoped therefore that the current relatively low-key style of the Cape Richards resort will be maintained and that mass tourism (as opposed to nature-based "eco-tourism") and marine-based activities, including fast catamaran trips down the passage, will be discouraged for the sake of the marine and seashore wildlife as well as to preserve the wilderness values for which Hinchinbrook Channel and Island are loved and renowned.
We will keep you posted. There may be the need for the public to encourage the QPWS to ensure the intent of the Hinchinbrook Island Management Park is upheld.


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