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MEDIA RELEASE                       06/10/05




The Queensland Environment Department (EPA) has formally rejected outright the latest canal estate style proposal by Cardwell Properties/Keith Williams.

This proposal, known as Port Hinchinbrook Stage II, is currently being considered by the Cardwell Shire Council. Under the Integrated Planning Act, the EPA's assessment that the environmental impacts are unacceptable means that the development cannot go ahead.  

Hinchinbrook Campaign Coordinator Margaret Moorhouse said "The Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook is delighted that a clear decision has been made to reject  a proposal that we believed would have been extremely damaging to the surrounding natural environment."

"It is also very encouraging to see Environment Minister Desley Boyle stand up for her portfolio" Ms Moorhouse said "We trust that the Minister and her department would vigorously defend the EPA decision should it be appealed".

"There may of course be further development proposals" Ms Moorhouse said. "New proposals may pose risks to the environment that by comparison may seem less serious than the rejected canal style development; but any new proposals would need to be examined fully on their merits".

Ms Moorhouse said that ASH is concerned about the loss of valuable habitat that has occurred in connection with Stage II and the series of developments that comprise Stage I. Ms Moorhouse said "Specialist scientist advice is needed now to establish what may best be done with the development sites to prevent further problems and to recreate relevant habitat".

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