MEDIA ALERT - Hinchinbrook Breakwaters Case Final Hearing This Week




The final hearing of the ASH challenge to Cardwell Shire Council's EPA permit to construct two breakwalls in the HINCHINBROOK CHANNEL at OYSTER POINT
will take place in the Supreme Court in Cairns.

The hearing has been set down for Thursday 9th and Friday 10th Februrary.

This action has been joined by two Keith Williams companies Cardwell Properties Pty Ltd and Port Hinchinbrook Services.

CONTACT DETAILS FOR ASH from Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th:

Margaret Moorhouse    Vice President and Spokesperson for ASH

MOBILE 0427 724 052. 

The Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook Inc (ASH) is seeking to review the decisions of the Environmental Protection Agency and Queensland Parks and Wildlife
Service to approve the building of two rock wall breakwaters into the
Hinchinbrook Channel at Oyster Point. ASH is concerned with conserving
the Hinchinbrook/Cardwell area and its internationally important
wilderness and wildlife values from inappropriate coastal

The breakwaters were proposed by Cardwell Shire Council to facilitate
the use of the marina at the Port Hinchinbrook development.  Approvals
were required by the EPA and QPWS under both the Marine Parks
Regulation 1990 and the Integrated Planning Act 1997 which required
the EPA to consider the effects on the environment.

ASH's challenge concerns the failure of the EPA to consider the
impacts on the environment of the construction of the breakwaters, including the increased boat use of the area and resultant boat strikes on dugongs and the
newly identified Australian snubfin dolphins. 

ASH also contends that the EPA failed to take into account the precautionary principle in forming conclusions on the likely effects of the proposal on dredging
in the area.  ASH says that there is no evidence that the breakwaters will be effective in reducing dredging without future extensions to the length of the breakwaters.

Spokesperson for ASH, Margaret Moorhouse said:

"The wildlife of the Hinchinbrook Channel/Missionary Bay area deserves
a better future than guesswork and unsupported assertion can provide.
The integrity of this World Heritage-listed area depends on the future
viability of its turtles, dugongs and dolphins, and this in turn
depends on not encouraging those human activities that will risk their

Barrister, Stephen Keim SC and the Environmental Defender's Office of
Northern Queensland will be representing ASH before the Supreme Court.

For further information on this matter contact Margaret Moorhouse on
0427 724 052 (Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook).  For information about
the Environmental Defender's Office of Northern Queensland and its
role in this matter, please contact Kirsty Ruddock on (07) 4031 4766.

Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook Inc
PO Box 2457 Townsville Q 4810
ph/fx 07 4772 4052
mobile 0427 724 052


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